Why Alice picked this item: “Sending unique food gifts offers next level comfort, especially for those who are missing home or traveling.” 

Why Chloe picked this item: “Simply put, an air fryer takes your cooking game to other levels. No cooking experience necessary. Your veggies and proteins will be crisped to perfection in under 20 minutes, which means you can now mark home-cooking off of your wellness to-do list.” 

Why Lisa picked this item: “These savory hand pies are a nod to traditional British street food with the twist of South African and Australian flavors. The Chicken Masala and Steak & Stout are delish!” 

Why Lisa picked this item: “It doesn’t get any better than this balsamic vinegar. Aged for 25 years!” 

Why Tandice picked this item: “This set has quickly risen to staple status in our kitchen — with the easy squeeze bottle, and the differentiated cooking v. finishing oils, it’s hard to picture reaching for any other EVOO. I also love that their oils are always fresh (non-blended) and organic. Everyone loves a set for the holidays.” 

Why Susie picked this item: “I’m a sucker for all things related to Italian cooking, especially in the winter months. This is my absolute favorite, founded by Pia Baroncini (who also founded LPA) — it is liquid gold and the best on the market (trust me, I’ve tried them all). Its vintage-looking container makes it feel more unique too, like something an Italian grandma likely cooks with.” 

Why Katina picked this item: “I’m loving this Staub Petit French Oven Rice Cooker. It helps me get the perfect quinoa or rice — always fluffy and never sticky.”