Why Natalie picked this item: “I love gifting jewelry but people tend to have their go-to looks already. That’s why I love this sustainable gold barrette from Each Jewels. It’s a more sophisticated take on the popular hair bow trend and makes a casual low ponytail super chic. It also helps that the company is female founded and uses fair labor practices.”

Why Lisa picked this item: “This is THE BEST! A volumizing and lengthening mascara that targets every single lash for instant lift, length, and fanned-out volume without clumps — buy now!” 

Why Tandice picked this item: “I’ve been loving the new clean makeup line by star makeup artist, and founder of Stila, Jeanine Lobell. NEEN has the marketing (Gen Z chic) and mission (sustainable packaging, including the first-ever reusable silicone compact) on hard lock. Anything in their line would be a great holiday gift for the Youtube beauty tutorial connoisseur in your life, but I think their makeup subscription card makes for an especially fun ‘gift that keeps giving’ option.” 

Why Kaitlin picked this item: “I have been eyeing this female, minority owned brand for a few years. I love timeless jewelry and the meaning of an heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation. Some of my most favorite and special pieces were my moms. This ring is simple and elegant with a little frosting!” 

Why Kat picked this item: “When I left the corporate world to become a fiery founder, I had no idea how to reinvent my wardrobe – especially as a tech entrepreneur. It’s hard enough dealing with office vs. work from home outfits on the professional end but I also refused to be the ‘hoodie’ wearing person. My girlfriends are getting Skims bodysuits from me this year — it’s appropriate for so many settings and flattering on any body.” 

Why Noria picked this item: “This year, I’m thinking about over-the-top playful gifts that are maybe a little zany because we need more joy and good zaniness. Susan Alexandra has a small boutique in the Lower East Side, and I’m obsessed with her stuff, I feel like all my friends deserve these beaded hydrate bags because why not?” 

Why Renee picked this item: “For zooms, I love the chic effortless French look, and you will too!”