Why Katina picked this item: “I used to be a mostly-wine girl, but we recently launched these really delicious Crushed Fruit Vinegars at Kosterina that make amazing cocktails and I’ve now taken an interest in mixology! I love this set because it looks beautiful on my bar cart and contains only the bar tools that you really use — none of the riff raff items that just take up space.

Why Lisa picked this item: “Casa Del Sol is more than just another celebrity-backed brand. With the brand, Eva Longoria means to honor the women of Mexico who birthed the spirit and continue to give it life — would recommend to any of my tequila loving-friends!”

Why Allison picked this item: “I’d love basically anything from Food52 but this year I want to get these Stackable Wine Glasses – perfect for a dinner party.”

Why Tandice picked this item: “The most delightful host gift you can walk into a holiday party with is unquestionably a bottle of Cidre Sauvageon wine. Too cute to drink but too refreshing not to, these unfiltered, biodynamic wines feature bold & surprising flavors for your favorite oenophile, and whimsically delicious labels for your favorite brandophile. You can’t go wrong.” 

Why Kaitlin picked this item: “I’m excited to buy a wine club membership for a year from a minority owned winery — founded by one of the most respected sommelier’s and a designer. Their whole goal was to make drinking wine as fun as drinking a cocktail or beer—not as snobby.” 

Why Susie picked this item: “Another European-inspired find – Ghia is a non-alcoholic aperitif founded by Melanie Masarin. I love serving festive drinks while hosting, especially during the holidays, but don’t always want to default to alcohol. Ghia is a satisfying option made with healthy ingredients and isn’t loaded with sugar. I also love Ghia’s branding – they usually do fun gifting packages this time of year. When finished, their glass bottles can also be re-purposed for vases, olive oil, vanilla, etc.” 

Why Annie picked this item: “I don’t drink during the week and love when I go to happy hours that have Kin as a non alcoholic option. Perfect to keep the fridge stocked!”