Why Catherine picked this item: “I’m obsessed with Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz’s new book Menopause Bootcamp. This is an incredible go-to for ideas about how to manage menopause and finding healthy pathways as we age.” 

Why Layla picked this item: “I absolutely love these Lego Flowers – they’re the perfect at-home activity and add just enough color to warm up my apartment. An equally gorgeous vase wouldn’t hurt too. 

Why Jennifer picked this item: “I always love a good team/group activity over the holidays, and jigsaw puzzles are one of my favorites, especially to do with my family. Puzzledly Is a great site started by four women, who love puzzles too and have brought together so many great options to choose from! 

Why Lisa picked this item: “Jiggy Puzzles have transformed and reinvented the puzzle industry with modern and beautifully designed puzzles. Each puzzle features the artwork of a female artist and many of the puzzles support a cause!”

Why Shivani picked this item: “More fun than coffee alone, Lumosity is a great way to wake up your brain. Using games and puzzles, you can see how your brain is feeling before you dive into work, making it easier to give yourself some grace or more confidence to take the day on.”

Why Allison picked this item: “My daughter spilled the beans to me that she got, and made me, a Lego Succulent and my mom got the Lego Orchid- I love that she made it AND it’s actually beautiful in the house.”

Why Kaitlin picked this item: “I can’t justify personally buying this, but it is just too pretty in these bright colors and maybe it would make me not procrastinate as much.”