Why Marissa picked this item: Lewis is the cutest baby products, always a fresh take on a sweet way to welcome a new family member.  Brooklyn/mom founded!

Why Allison picked this item: “This game was designed by a 7 year old and keeps my kids occupied for hours.”

Why Christie picked this item: “A perfect gift for the friend who wants to smash the patriarchy but needs caffeine first.

Why Christie picked this item: “I’m buying this for the friend who thinks it makes complete sense that the dog eats better food than the humans.” 

Why Tandice picked this item: “For the colleague that’s always apologizing about their dog being rowdy in the background of Zoom meetings (it’s me), there’s the Ugly Nosework Dog Toy. I get at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted work time out of this stimulating, organic cotton stuffed toy, and it’s infinitely cuter than the standard dog toy options on Amazon.” 

Why Elaine picked this item: “As a new mom, I’m a big fan of Summer Health – you can now give others a year subscription to 24/7 on demand texting with a pediatrician. It’s a great gift for new parents entering the fourth trimester – they’ve saved me so many unnecessary trip to the pediatrician and ER.” 

Why Kaitlin picked this item: “My cousin started this company and I think it is one of the best gifts for new mom’s or younger kids. The branding and messaging is absolutely spot on. I recently bought this as a baby gift for our designer who just had a baby and will definitely be giving this to my niece this Christmas.”