Why Chloe picked this item: “Craving a trip to the spa for some well-deserved me-time? Need to chill or detox? This blanket allows you to achieve all of the above and more from the comfort of your couch. It’s a pricey upfront investment, but you’ll afford yourself a consistently luxurious nightly wellness routine that you can otherwise only get from an infrequent, and equally pricey, trip to the spa.” 

Why Chloe picked this item: “I keep this at my desk to keep warm at my freezing office — and you should too!

Why Emily picked this item: “I’ve recently found myself longing for the simpler, flip-phone times of my youth. I love the idea of switching to the light phone, which is ‘designed to be used as little as possible’, for weekends and trips in 2023.” 

Why Emily picked this item: “This comforter is next level — sooooo soft and cozy, temperature controlled, and the perfect weight. Also, apparently one of Oprah’s favorite things!” 

Why Adrianne picked this item: “These robes are works of art and I love the sister duo behind the brand.” 

Why Galyn picked this item: “These loveable weighted stuffed animals are the cutest, cuddliest way to get snuggles and stress-relief. This is all I want this year!”  

Why Sarah picked this item: “As a mother of 4 there is nothing I value more than a good night’s sleep. This mattress is like sleeping on a cloud!